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Backgrounds have come a long way from the days of scrolls and paper. Today we have all sorts of backgrounds available to us. Lastolite makes background curtains in multiple sizes, colors and materials. Dyed muslin curtains have become quite popular and are available in twelve colors in two sizes. Dyed knitted Ezycare backgrounds are available in six colors in two sizes. Dyed Collapsible Reversible backgrounds pop open like reflectors, have a different color on either side and come in ten different colors in three sizes, some with trains. HiLite backgrounds come in four sizes and were designed to shoot high key in very tight areas. Vinyl backgrounds come in three colors in one size, are cleanable, stiletto heel proof (on hard surfaces) and can be reused over and over saving on paper costs. Finally, Chromakey backgrounds are available as muslin or pop open collapsible reversible backgrounds.

Plain Knitted Ezycare Backgrounds

The dyed knitted Ezycare background is made from a knitted fabric which can be draped or stretched to instantly remove nearly all the creases. Fully machine washable at 40ºC (105ºF) in a large washing machine.

Superwhite Vinyl Background

Lastolite’s 'wipe clean' Superwhite vinyl background can literally be used over and over again. Simply wipe away any dirt or footprints at the end of your shoot, then roll it back up ready for next time!

Colored Vinyl Backgrounds

Lastolite's Vinyl Backgrounds are also available in various colors. Wipe clean and durable these backgrounds can be used again and again.

Collapsible Reversible Backgrounds

This extensive range of collapsible backgrounds gives photographers the colors and patterns to express their creativity.The 6’ x 7’ (1.8m x 2.15m) backgrounds with train have been modified and now use Lastolite’s knitted ‘crease resistant’ fabrics...

Muslin Backgrounds

Especially useful for kids, pets and sports - this extensive range of curtain backgrounds gives photographers the colors and patterns to express their creativity.The backgrounds can be draped over props or bunched for added texture. They are all 10’...